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Pricing & Purchasing Options

CliqCare pricing is based on number of your offices and not on your users >>

CliqCare pricing is not based on usage or features. Every feature is premium feature and you get it all on a single package. Packages are based on the level and size of your business. As you expand your business from single location to multi-locations, you can keep adding location based licensing.

CliqCare is freedom; CliqCare is expandable >>

Grow number of users and customers and we don't charge you anything. CliqCare is set to help you grow, not to trouble you for adding every user. So take the advantage and use unlimited.

Freedom Pricing Plans >>

CliqCare comes with multiple purchase options to suit your enterprise budget and purchasing preferences. You can purchase or subscribe for month-to-month billing, you get it all either way. All the features and usage is same whether you purchase the application or get a subscription.

Deploying the application is simple, easy and we provide full deployment support till we take you live.

Switching to CliqCare >>

Thinking of switching to CliqCare but worried about your data migration? We provide full data migration services from any of your old system to CliqCare. It's quick and hassle-free without any downtimes and we do it all for you.

Get the best out of what you pay for >>

We are the best; as we are client-focused. We are targeted to serve you best. Quality, best user experience, trouble-free and price efficient; that's what we are.

We don't convince you with boasting, we really are the best in serving you. Our client's feedbacks make us the best. Our focus is to win happy clients by making your customers and users happy and that is our success.

CliqCare pricing is set in a way to give you cost effectiveness yet a unique solution which comes with everything you need to run your business with easy, modernity and clarity.

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