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  • Web based for easy access from anywhere.

CliqCare is a web based application available with multiple purchasing options. Being a web application, CliqCare is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Giving the freedom of access to the management, administration, service users and care givers to access the system and manage their respective sections anywhere in the world.

  • Online access to service user's and caregiver's to their profile & respective accounts.

Unlike most of the home care software, CliqCare gives the access to service users and care givers to manage their subscriptions, time offs and respites and get their notification through their secured portals.

  • User experience design (UI/UX) for best accessibility

Modern concept of user experience ( UI/UX ) design is seen in every part of CliqCare. It's a well managed and extremely user friendly, giving comfort in operating CliqCare.

  • Integrated website content management system.

CliqCare is a complete web application which comes with a dynamic website content management system to operate a modern website which will be managed within the application.

  • Any additional features and customization is available on demand.

CliqCare is highly customizable as per individual needs and their personalized process; meaning giving them a system which doesn't change your process but fits within your current scenario. CliqCare is highly customizable to meet our valued client's requirements. We can integrate CliqCare with any external application utilizing their API.Please Contact Us for more details on customization and integration.

  • Integrated maps

CliqCare is integrated with third party map for the calculation of distances and directions for appointments and payroll purpose. Distance is calculated automatically while an appointment is assigned to a care giver, and the travel costs are added automatically to the payroll of the caregiver as per company's policies and rates.

  • Can be integrated with any third party system or software.

Most companies use third party software/services for calculation of taxes, payrolls, accounts or any other management purpose. CliqCare is ready to be integrated with any third party software or the option of exporting data to any other software (For example, Quickbooks ™, Excel, pdf or Sagepay™ etc) is available.

CarePlans; Being the base of the whole process and most critical part of care but most of the market applications lack in-built care planning mechanism. As a result, either paper based care plans are used or external applications are used to support care planning operations.

CliqCare comes with in-built care planning system to simplify the planning process. Starting from accepting patient's requirements till the review and approval of care plan by patient or their guardian, CliqCare handles it all with efficiency. Each step in the care planning is recorded and stored in a complied form within document manager. The care plans are further used for the appointments scheduling, care charts and anywhere required.

Care charts creation process is automated utilizing the same care plans. Care plans are simplified, efficient and accommodates segmented inputs where multiple requirements are recorded to cover multiple services within single care plan. So careplans can be expanded to unlimited segments which combine together during scheduling for ease of use in appointment scheduling purpose while separating again in care chart.

Scheduling and Appointments Management is simplified with great efficiency by providing maximum automation at each step. Appointments are derived from care plans after patient's approval (optional) and populated in calendar. Easy to use rostering system makes it robust for the scheduling manager to quickly appoint caregivers based on caregiver's suitability, availability and location.

CliqCare is amazingly simple when it comes to assigning an appointment. The whole process of viewing the caregivers offering related services, selecting the preferred caregiver, calculating the distance from the most suitable care worker, adding the distance based travelling allowance to payroll and all the related processes are covered in a few clicks. That's true; a few clicks manages all the process and assign the most suitable care worker. Moreover, the roster comes with the option of editing the appointment time, and/or changing the caregiver.

CliqCare is very much flexible in terms of usage when a patient requires multiple caregivers in a single appointment. There is option of appointing any number of caregivers for an appointment and they are managed in the same easy way.

Success of a business is all about happy customers and it's even more demanding in home care business as you have to deal with patients as well as elderly people which needs lot more care than in any other business. Storing and retrieving patient's details is as vital as to give them proper care and it's only possible with a great CRM solution. Using an external CRM while importing required information might be what you are using currently, but it's viable to have an in-built CRM to store each and every detail about a patient or customer. It's even awesome to have the CRM dynamically integrated within the each and every part of the application for ease of use and quick usage. CliqCare has a fully functional CRM built within the application. CliqCare's CRM is comparable to any external CRM solution with the ease of use and has no limit on it's usage.

With the availability of storing different type of customers separately and capturing every required detail with multiple search filters is provided within the application. Controlled access and other security measures helps achieving data integrity and prevent unauthorized data usage.

CliqCare gives a separate and secured portal for each service user's independent use where the service user can manage his/her profile, manage subscriptions and request new services.

Service user's portal is an easy to use portal which is password protected and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. It gives the flexibility to manage their portal ,appointments, respites and other related data from anywhere, or on the go.

Personal profile management

Personal schedule management

Caregiver preferences for requesting the caregiver of his/her choice.

Respite request to admin.

Access to historical data and payments

Using electronic system for management and still need to use paper documents? Doesn't make sense. General choices are to either pay high prices to use third party document management system or to use free online storage with limited storage capacity. We have the right option for you; an integrated document management and control system with unlimited storage and same great features as any paid document storage software offers. Document management system is a part of CliqCare at no additional costs and you get unlimited storage for all users, highest level of security for all your documents, view and sharing any document within CliqCare.

In addition to simplified interface, document management system is seamlessly integrated throughout CliqCare so every document is stored in the related folder. Search, select and use any document within seconds. Apart from user's documents, you can create your organization's specific document library to store general usage forms and document for print, email, fax or sharing purpose.

Some prominent features of our documents management system are:

      • Secured access
      • Document sharing with single or multiple users within the application
      • Documents version control system to store document history along with updates
      • View, download, print or fax documents within the system
      • Stores documents in their original format
      • Separate storage for system documents as well user documents
      • Version control system

Take care of the training and courses need for care workers.

The training module is developed keeping in view the need of training, certificates and courses for the caregivers. There might be circumstances when a refresher course is needed after a particular time, training module has the facility of creating any new training and keeping the status of training by any/all care workers.

Create training courses quickly and easily. Notify the care workers who need to attend the courses.

Track training and certification expirations and renewals.

Easily implement training needs for any specific service

Integrated Telephonic for time tracking appointment fulfillment.

Integrated SMS module for auto notification to service users and care workers.

Green technology to preserve environment. Paperless statements available with the option of download export or print.

Integration with Quickbooks ™ and other accounting software is available on demand.

Multiple offices management from a single back office is available on demand.

Technical support & Training on demand

IPhone App for service users & care workers will be available soon.

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