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Homecare industry is one of the largest and growing industries in the world. With changing industrial requirements and growing number of people involved to homecare industry, the use of automated system and inclusion of technology is un-deniable. Making the management and scheduling process ease, time saving and cost effective has always been a challenging part of the process. Most of the industry leaders have been trying different solutions to come up with the right solution which could make this whole process simplified and well managed at a single portal.

CliqCare is the most innovative solution, designed after understanding all the aspects of homecare industry. CliqCare is a complete management system which is effectively managing the day to day operations and rostering while consuming the least efforts and lowest number of staff to handle the process, hence saving lot of time and manpower.

Features Overview

  • All-in-One integrated Web Portal Gives you ease of managing all operations at one place without switching to different portals for different tasks.
  • CarePlans & CareCharting Efficient care planning makes your business process simpler yet robust and brings you happy customers.
  • Care Management & Monitoring Appointments scheduling, care management and staff monitoring is simplified throughout your organization.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Efficient management of patients and customers is all what you need in order to sere them best.
  • Staff Relationship Management (SRM) Multi-level access control system to provide what is required by each type of user role.
  • Document Management & Control System Unlimited documents storage for maximum security and accessibility.
  • Integrated Website Content Management System Take control of your website contents using world's finest content management system integrated within the application with multi-level access control.
  • Financial Management Payrolls, invoices and billing has never been this simplfied. Quickly generate paystubs and invoices to distribute fast.

Even More, We get you connected to the world

MediCare Connect

CliqCare is seamlessly integrated with Medicare for submission of medicare claims directly. Saving your extra efforts, resources and time. It's simple and secure.

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Insurance Connect

Insurance claims are now simplest with CliqCare. We connect you with all popular insurnace providers. Now you can submit your insurance claims directly to your patient's insurance efficiently.

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QuickBooks Connect

We promise ease of use. Simply connect your enterprise accounting software with CliqCare and you are all done. CliqCare is integrated with all with popular accounting vendors.

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Why chooseCliqCare

Homecare is one of the most demanding industries of current era. Involving multiple segments including healthcare, staffing, and real time operations management makes homecare applications complexer to be handled. Despite the availability of lots of off-the-shelf applications, most of the home care agencies are using non-standard applications as most of the applications are either generic CRMs or related to other similar industrial segments.

CliqCare is focused home helathcare & nursing staffing agencies with every possible segment required to fulfill standard operations. In addition, CliqCare is designed using state-of-the-art framework and flexible application structure which offers extreme customization to meet every organization's processes.

We offer 24/7 technical support and continuous updates to stay ahead of changing market standards. Contact us for live demo and purchasing options and we would be happy to assist you.

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